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Throughout the year, YWCA Yakima’s Domestic Violence Advocates were able to request monies, as needed, from the “Survivor Resilience” fund to proactively respond to the needs of survivors. These monies allowed survivors to overcome a variety of obstacles that threatened maintaining or obtaining permanent housing.

“Survivor Resilience” Funding provided emergency financial assistance to help individuals address needs that threatened their permanent housing. Survivors of Domestic Violence, were able to address a variety of needs resulting from the trauma suffered at the hands of their abuser. Individuals and families were able stay in their homes by bringing utility bills and rents current, changing locks and repairing damages. Others were able to secure new housing after help with deposits, rent and furnishings. Cars were repaired, gas cards and bus passes were purchased, tuition assistance was issued and child care was paid for allowing individuals to get to school, appointments, job interviews and work.

In the original proposal, we sought to provide survivors with the financial support needed to achieve housing stability before becoming homeless. By providing proactive assistance in specific “unrestricted” areas, we were able to accomplish that goal.

Example: For the client that was gainfully employed, but learned her abuser had not only drained her bank account but had not made the mortgage payment for the past three months. Now facing foreclosure, one-time assistance from the “Survivor Resilience” fund allowed her to bring her mortgage current to avoid a housing crisis so that she could remain in her home.

57 individuals or families received assistance from the “Survivor Resilience” Funding, many needing only a light touch (such as having door locks changed,) with some in need of more substantial assistance, such as help with rent, utilities or a need for new dentures to get a job. But, all were facing barriers to securing or maintaining safe, permanent housing without other more traditional resources available to them. This proactive approach with monies spent from this grant has succeeded with 86% of the recipients currently in stable housing. They were able to avoid LIFE ON THE STREETS because of the help they received.

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