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Funds went to help with student training and leadership development. This included funding a student mentor during the Heritage University School year and initial training for incoming Freshman.

Six Act Six scholars graduated in 2016. Three of our recent graduates are working as educators in the Yakima Valley. The program as a whole has a 92% graduation/retention rate, meaning that 92% of those who began the program have either graduated or are still enrolled. This is in alignment with our goal to provide high level training and support to students from throughout the Yakima Valley so that they can obtain college degrees and then return to make a positive difference in their home communities. We focused our attention throughout the year in helping current students make connections in the Yakima Valley, so they can find employment, careers and volunteer opportunities as they Graduate.

This is a sustainable program we which we intend to continue and grow and in the near future. We've hired an Act Six Student and recent Heritage University Graduate to take over the program. The former director, Dr. Delinda Higgins, has moved into the role of mentor for the program.

You can learn more about Yakima Leadership Foundation & ActSix on their website.


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