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The grant award was used to hire a half-time Administrator for the UnityWorks School Program. The Administrator, in collaboration with the UnityWorks Leadership Team, organized several key activities and events, in addition to providing ongoing support for the UnityWorks school teams throughout the year. The Administrator, in collaboration with the UnityWorks Leadership Team, organized the following key activities and events:

(1) Fall Planning Retreat/Site Visits: Our original proposal to YVCF envisioned holding a planning retreat in the Fall, where each site team would develop its Diversity Action Plan for the year. The Administrator met with the schools individually—which allowed for more personal attention to each site team and most likely produced a better result.

(2) Spring Multicultural Conference: This conference, held at the Yakima School District Office on May 24, 2016, provided the teams with an opportunity to share best practices and review progress on their Diversity Action Plans, meet our new teams and showcase our effort, and enhance our common vision and strengthen our network of support.

(3) Summer Institute: An intensive 40-hour diversity training was held from June 20-24, 2016. The training was designed to prepare site teams with the knowledge, tools, strategies and resources needed to improve school culture and student learning, and to develop a Diversity Action Plan. Participants included teachers, administrators, students, counselors, librarians, parents and community members.

School teacher Jana Hoberg shared that:

“The WMS Winter Fest was the culminating program for a wonderful, unifying educational process which included months of research and preparation by the entire school community. We worked together in planning teams with students, teachers, administrators, parents and other community members, and the excitement is still growing.

You can learn more about Unity Works Foundation on their website.


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