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Camp Prime Time  Camp Prime Time used the grant to go towards the purchase of an excavator and tractor to replace an old backhoe that was worn out and soon to be needing repairs. This grant is helping Camp Prime Time save thousands of dollars. By having our own equipment and the volunteers to perform our own work, we are able to save a lot of money.

The tractor was extremely helpful this spring, as the heavy snowpack, and quick warming of the weather of the snow caused the snow to melt very quickly, causing huge ruts in our roads around camp. The new blade on the tractor allowed us to blade the roads, fill holes with gravel, and plow the roads smooth in time for camp to begin in June. 

This spring we had a very old worn out deck on the front of one of the cabins.  The excavator allowed us to quickly remove the old worn out deck. We have future plans to build a structure to house these new pieces of equipment, so that we don't have to continue to haul them back to Yakima each fall, during the off months we are not at camp. 

The tractor will also be hauling our new buckboard wagon we purchased last fall, giving our campers a fun way to get down to the boat dock to take the boat tours of the lake. Something we hadn't intended to do before having the tractor, but another use for the tractor after its purchase!

You can learn more about Camp Prime Time on their website.


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