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People For People 2-1-1 (PFP 211) did accomplish the outcomes proposed in the original grant proposal.  PFP 211 received notice on June 30, 2015 that the Washington Information System of seven regional call centers (WIN211) would receive level funding for the next biennium (2015-2017) from the Washington State Legislature. Since PFP 211 received state funding, the Yakima Valley Community Foundation funds were used to "strengthen and build relationships between and among providers" in Kittitas County and increase awareness of 2-1-1 in the community. Specifically, PFP accomplished the following:

  • Hired a local 2-1-1 Outreach Coordinator to inform and educate the Kittitas community about 2-1-1 information and referral services and to connect with local agencies to ensure they are listed in the 2-1-1 resource database and that the services are accurate and up-to-date.
  • Developed relationships with community leaders and community members.
  • Became a trusted source of information – the community and providers had a local "face" for 2-1-1 and, throughout the funding year, began to associate the coordinator with this service.  This resulted in additional partnership opportunities, increased utilization of 2-1-1 and an increase in Kittitas agencies and services in the resource database. 
  • Regular participation by 2-1-1 on local coalitions and committees and regular attendance at community events and meetings.
  • Increased 2-1-1 calls and web hits from individuals and providers in Kittitas County Ultimately, this funding helped to get more individuals and families in Kittitas connected to resources to meet their basic needs, resulting in a healthier and more stable community.
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