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YVCF’s investment in 2015-2016 built important infrastructure at La Casa Hogar. Funds optimized La Casa’s finance/accounting practices during the 12-month cycle. Casa’s financial system was re-designed to effectively manage programs, track grant funds, and track revenues and expenses against the budget. This has leveraged more inclusive decision-making because La Casa’s Program Coordinators now have the tools to better understand organization and program finances. Financial statements are easier to read which has helped engage the Board of Directors in La Casa’s finances. The grant leveraged these successes because it directly supported the Financial Assistant and contracted CPA, Kim Heinle who worked with the Executive Director on these projects.

La Casa accomplished four quarterly strategic planning meetings with the Board. Each meeting applied Claxon University learning on the mission/purpose of La Casa, and strategic components of the organization. During the first quarterly meeting, La Casa’s Executive Director presented both one and five-year infrastructure goals. The second meeting focused on Board nomination and recruitment: the team established a Board matrix, a Nomination Committee, a Board member job description and application, and a document outlining the Board nomination process. The third meeting provided an orientation for existing and new Board members about La Casa Hogar. The last quarterly meeting during the grant year was oriented around Susan Howlett’s “Framing your Mission” activity. In 80 minutes, the group completed the activity and finalized the mission: “La Casa Hogar connects and educates Latino families, to transform lives and our Yakima Valley;” “La Casa Hogar conecta y educa familias Latinas, transformando vidas y nuestra valle de Yakima.” These quarterly meetings accomplished the key foundational framework for La Casa.

You can learn more about La Casa Hogar on their website.


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