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Educational Service District 105 

The Engineering is Elementary (EIE) Pilot Project was completed in entirety as detailed in the grant proposal.  The time frames projected in the proposal were realistic and were successfully met, as were the budget allocations.  Nineteen 1st-5th grade teachers participated in the pilot of Engineering is Elementary kits.  This is a 90% increase from the proposed ten pilot teachers.  Data was gathered on each of the piloted kits through the use of the EQUIP Rubric as well as survey instruments developed by the project leadership.  Pilot teachers provided data related to standards alignment, instructional supports, assessment, time required, and ease of teacher use.  The data gained through the EIE Pilot Project will be utilized by the leadership of the ESD 105 Science Education Cooperative to inform the selection of EIE units to be implemented at 1st-5th grades.

The Engineering is Elementary Pilot Project collected data vital to inform the process of selecting high quality engineering instructional materials.  The data collected through the pilot of EIE materials will be utilized by the Science Executive Committee to inform the selection of EIE materials to be incorporated into the curriculum program of the ESD 105 Science Education Cooperative.  The Science Education Cooperative is comprised all 25 of the school districts in the ESD 105 region.  By incorporating the EIE materials into the curriculum program this will ensure equitable access to all 1st-5th grade students, preparing them for success on the Washington state assessment, and positioning them to pursue a STEM career path in their future.

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