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Central Washington University
Compass 2 Campus

The intention of the grant was to fund Tour Day that introduced fifth grade students to post-secondary education. Central Washington University faculty and staff volunteered their time to provide classes for students to attend to provide an example of what it would be like to attend college. These classes were in science, philosophy, journalism, library and music among others. CWU student mentors acted as tour guides to take groups of 10 students to over 50 offerings throughout the day. Lunch was provided in the Sue Lombard Center with groups sitting at tables designed for maximum conversation with mentors and faculty.

Tour Day was very successful. Students participated in "choice" activities, a mock graduation ceremony, entertainment by a CWU french horn group, lunch, and greeting by the CWU football team among others. Most importantly the fifth grade students were able to discuss going to college with their CWU mentors as well as encouraged to finish high school and explore options for other post-secondary choices. Feedback from students, teachers, Wapato administrators and mentors was positive, with suggestions for improving future tour days.

After the tour day, a group of mentors continued contact with the fifth grade students by assisting in the fifth grade classrooms each week. The C2C program continues to develop mentoring skills for CWU students and provides a connection with the campus community and the Wapato School District.

You can learn more about Washington State University: Compass 2 Campus on their website.


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