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The grant was expended to provide a trainer to serve schools and the reservation in Yakima Valley and to provide suicide prevention services. YSPP attempted to hire a tribal member to serve as a part of the grant team during the project period. The time of the other staff was increased while YSPP searched for the additional trainer. After several months and only one application that was eventually not available to work, YSPP made the decision to keep the staff at increased time to accomplish the goals of the grant.

The trainer was able to accomplish the goals of the grant and  to train in Networks for Life, a training a Best Practice training for educators, OUTloud, and to provide training to youth, as well as to  help them reach out to recognize the warning signs in their peers. It most importantly provided funding for the trainer to work with community members to increase suicide awareness in the Yakima Valley. It enabled the trainer to work with the local community after the deaths by suicide of several students and to provide post-vention training.  It allowed YSPP to increase its reach in the Yakima valley and to expand services to new schools.  It also allowed the YSPP staff to reach out to the Yakama Nation and make further connections with tribal members.

YSPP accomplished most of what was discussed in the proposal.  Where YSPP was not able to hire a tribal member to train, YSPP increased training time of the other trainer. The grant also allowed YSPP to bring on a new trainer this fall and to overlap time of staff. The grant increased working relationship with the Yakama Tribe and the White Swan school as well as the schools off the reservation that are serving tribal youth. The grant also allowed YSPP to reach to part of the Yakima Valley that had not received services. 

The increased time of staff provided resources for YSPP to respond to community needs after several suicides and offer support and post-vention services to schools that students had been at. It furthered relationships with the providers listed below and supported a regular community meeting monthly to work on suicide prevention issues.

During the grant YSPP served 2030 individuals in the Yakima Valley. We trained 141educators in Networks for Life and 970 youth. The grant provided resources for 104 different meetings, trainings, and community events over the past 12 months. The grant provided the funding to train in Networks for Life for members of the Yakama Nation.  It has also enabled YSPP to coordinate with the Yakama Nation this year with a SAMHSA Garret Lee Smith grant received by the tribe to prevent suicide.

You can learn more about Youth Suicide Prevention on their website.


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