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The 2015 "Speak Up Washington” YVCF grant presented to the Yakima Valley Hearing & Speech Center (YVHSC) was very timely in the history of the Center.  The grant was submitted just two days prior to the acquisition of the YVHSC staff members by Sunnyside Community Hospital and this was five months prior the complete ownership acquisition of the Center by Sunnyside Community Hospital.   The grant was presented with five goals and results show success in every goal. 

The dream of the Yakima Valley Hearing & Speech Center is to be a masterpiece of service, with workers who provide vital communication assistance to children and adults.  Every goal, project and effort from the Center is directed toward becoming that masterpiece.  This year, thanks to Sunnyside Community Hospital, we survived a downward spiral that threatened our existence and we became sustainable.  We have made great strides on this journey.

We succeeded at all five goals of the 2015 "Speak Up Washington" Grant.  We spent grant dollars on just three of the five 2015 goals because it was not necessary to spend grant dollars on two goals in order to achieve the purpose.   By accomplishing three goals - we satisfied all of our goals.

1) Goal one was the technical expansion of electronic medical records to meet the Federal requirement. We achieved the goal of having the electronic medical records program Meditech in place five months prior to the deadline.  We have been using the new appointment, productivity and demographic reports from Meditech for five months. 2) Goal two was to improve partner development.  Our partner become our owner and a deliberate effort has gone into expanding that partnership into a positive relationship. Clinicians and employees have been traveling between Yakima and Sunnyside regularly for meetings and to exchange resources. 3) Goal three was to complete a needs assessment and the needs assessment revealed an acute need for sanitation products in every room in the Center.  As a department of the Sunnyside Community Hospital, the Center must pass the Department of Health standard for a medical facility. The twenty-eight rooms at the Center now have cleaning and sanitation buckets that are checked monthly by the director and quarterly by a hospital environments committee. 4) Goals four is to expand the technical and computer resources of the Center so the clinicians are able to go to patients more often with portable units of evaluation for audiology and speech testing. The purchase of the Portable MA 41 Audiometer is allowing air/bone and speech testing at multiple sites of service. It is a true portable audiometer permitting YVHSC audiologists to test at the hospital, the Center and nursing homes. 5) Goal five was to expand services for the Speech and Audiology program and to increase the number of children and adults seen in order to have more children school ready and more adults job ready in the valley.  We were able to accomplish that goal by using electronic medical records, a new portable audiometer, efficient scheduling and with additional hires. In the past year the Center has gone from five days of service to sometimes six, Sunnyside Community Hospital has gone from two days of services to five. We have gone from 16,500 appointments in 2013 to 18,100 in 2014 and we are likely to be over 18,000 again in 2015. Services in both audiology and speech have been expanded.

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