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The grant request was to provide the women and children who enter our residential treatment and housing programs with welcome baskets. The baskets included a combination of practical items that helped them with their transition into treatment and/or housing.

We thankfully received our grant monies in a timely manner and were able to purchase all the necessary products to distribute the baskets almost immediately.

Our agency was able to provide folks with the basic needs items we addressed in our original grant. Hygiene items and various household cleaning and cooking items.  As we previous mentioned these folks are profoundly disadvantaged and sincerely needed this help. There was a definite need to have requested/raise additional funds. The need is great!

Client Testimony:
I am mother of 3 beautiful children, and my story starts when I almost died of a Heroin overdose. CPS removed my children from my care due to my use.  I tried to stay clean and sober on my own, but that only lasted eight (8) months. I went to Triumph Treatment Services Intensive Inpatient program for 6 months, after 1 month of being admitted into services I got two of my kids placed. By the end of my 6-month program I was able to get my oldest child placed too, we moved into transitional housing through Triumph and I started my Intensive Outpatient Program.

Unfortunately, not long after I graduated I relapsed on Alcohol. I went to jail, I lost everything, my children, my housing, and I didn’t know what I was going to do. I knew I couldn’t give up on my children or my sobriety. I moved to the local shelter, continued my Outpatient Services and got myself into parenting classes, mental health services, D V classes and worked hard to be accepted into housing one more time.

Triumph accepted me into a transitional program where after being housed for a few months I was able to assist them by becoming the onsite manager. I worked hard to complete and graduate from the programs I was involved in, such as the parenting classes and my IOP – Treatment.  I started participating in the community Jobs program with DSHS Work First and just recently started working at Salvation Army as a receptionist.

Because of my hard work, I have been able to start visits with my children every two weeks. This gave me the opportunity to move into a Housing Program where I can continue working on me and getting my kids placed back in my care.  I have to say the Housing Welcome Packet that I received was incredible; it brought tears to my eyes, I knew I had housing but didn’t know how I was going to get the basic needs to run my house hold. When Triumph Housing staff told me about receiving a grant from your organization and what I would be receiving as a result of your donation, I was speechless and so very thankful.
I received a toaster, dishes, silverware, pots and pans, glasses, garbage can/bags, laundry basket, mop & broom; this lifted such a burden from me that I don’t think most people understand.  I am so grateful for organizations that are so compassionate and caring of families that are in need.  So thank you for all you do!

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