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The Grant was expended through the Yakima County Veterans Program as proposed. Veterans called and walked into the office requesting assistance.  Staff assessed their needs and what programs and resources they needed to meet emergent needs. The Yakima County Veterans Coordinator provided case management and coaching to help the Veteran to best work through their hardship. Veterans were provided assistance through vouchers for multiple needs such as: food, transportation, deposits, rental assistance to stop an eviction, emergent housing, bed, and utility assistance. There were multiple additional programs and resources leveraged to better assist the Veteran and their family.  This included our food pantry, personal hygiene and clothing pantry, gift cards from other programs, and other county relief.  Many additional outside program also provided case management and services.  All funding went directly to help Veterans enhancing the services provided by our Program and staff. Many of the program staff were volunteers who participated in this meaningful services to our Veterans and their families.

The Grant accomplished its purpose of providing a safety net for many Veterans and their families by assisting with essential Homeless, Employment, and other relief supports. This funding impacted individuals and the Veteran community at a level not present in the past. In many cases the time the Veteran and family were in crisis was greatly shortened. Many were assisted to help prevent homelessness and stop a downward spiral. Others were assisted in exiting homelessness and securing affordable housing. Employment referrals and supports provided those who were work capable opportunities for employment. Working with a large base of community partners greatly enhanced the overall outcomes by both shortening the times a Veteran was in crisis and providing greater opportunity for achieving self-sufficiency.

The Program met stated goals with the backing of this grant. Fourteen Veterans and their families were provided help that prevented homelessness. Five were assisted in obtaining housing and ending homelessness in a much shorter time.   Veterans and family members able to work were assisted with transportation and other supports.  Eight were assisted with employment. In total 28 Veterans were provided services to include $10,000.00 dollars in emergent financial assistance through the grant.

You can learn more about the Yakima County Veterans Program on their website.



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