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Our first goal was to move from a shared space to our own clinic and retail space. We began working on this immediately, and made a physical move to our current location in late November. Funds were spent on office furniture, supplies and technology. The move was made over a weekend so we were up and running the next week. 

Our second goal was to hire a part-time, permanent Outreach Director. This process took longer than expected. We had difficulty finding a candidate with experience who met our qualifications and was willing to work part-time for a nonprofit. In April, we made our selection and welcomed Jovhanna Mayo to our staff. The balance of the grant monies has been expended on hiring the Outreach Director and paying her payroll expenses. This grant has given us a great opportunity to move to our own location. We now have the professional presentation that is necessary for a healthcare organization. We have the room necessary to display and promote our low vision devices to the public. Our technology room allows people to experience the improvement such technology can make in their lives. The doctors have a private room that is required when seeing a patient. The space for an office has allowed the administrative tasks to become more efficient and organized. We are now able to designate our own public hours, so we have extended them to include another day. You are invited to visit our new location on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday from 9-4.  In hiring an Outreach Director, the activities that such a job indicates are now being accomplished. Working part-time, she has reached out to the community in any way possible-health fairs, senior groups, retirement communities, service groups, healthcare groups, optometry offices and to the public. She is spreading the word of VIC’s mission and working on partnering wherever possible to further our cause…offering hope and maximizing quality of life for people with vision loss.

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