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Rotary First Harvest

Agricultural Connections Program


We used the funds to help pay for Rotary First Harvest's portion of the Agricultural Connections program. Agricultural Connections is a joint project of Northwest Harvest and Rotary First Harvest. 

Through the Agricultural Connections program, we were able to secure 795,000 pounds of donated produce to supply local food banks. This produce was wholly edible and nutritious produce that was either a surplus on the market or cosmetically damaged. Much, if not all, of this produce would have gone to waste without our intervention. The produce came from farmers, packing houses and other facilities that had previously not donated their surplus produce on any notable scale. The fruits and vegetables collected were then moved from the farms and packing houses to local food banks to enhance the amount of healthy food they were able to offer their clients. 

We are in the process of developing plans for expanding the work of this partnership, including meeting with other groups in the area to see if we can collaborate more effectively on additional gleaning and produce recovery models.

You can learn more about Rotary First Harvest on their website.


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