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The grant dollars were used for: 1. Staff time to monitor class attendance and follow-up for students who missed more than 1 class for two Citizenship courses (Fall 2014 and Spring 2015) 2. Staff time to mentor/coach students who complete the Fall 2014 or Spring 2015 10-week course in Citizenship Preparation and 3. Staff time to contact and help facilitate special presentations to the students on:   *financial resources available to help play the fee associated with citizenship application process and *hearing from a former student who went through the course and successfully became a U.S. citizen. 4. Staff time to present/explain the mentoring/coach services available after course completion. Up to four one-on-one mentoring/coaching sessions were scheduled for students who finished the course and agreed to be mentored.
Goal A. Identification of students who completed the course but did not finish the citizenship application process-Completed.
Goal B: Create a list of reasons why these students did not complete the application process after the course-Completed; Eight students reported their reasons. The majority of the reason given by students was because their English speaking level was too low.  They have to take the Citizenship interview in English given the regulations and they were not confident that they could pass the interview. For this group, we suggested enrolling in our English as a Second Language classes.  For two of the group, there reasons were different- one said she did not complete the process due to the expense.  The other one shared that there was a family member that was ill and she was caring for them.  
Goal C: Monitor their progress over a period of 3 to 6 months-students were called mid winter 2015 for the Fall 2014 class or late June 2015 (for Spring 2015 class).  Those that were reached by phone were reminded of the mentoring/coaching available after each course.

Students who took advantage of the mentoring/coaching sessions after the courses were completed had a great success rate. Thirteen students who attended from one to four one on one coaching/mentoring sessions passed their Citizenship Interview and became U.S. citizens. Seven other students who participated in at least one mentoring session were identified as being "very ready" for the interview with a 95-99% pass rate on the possible 100 interview questions. These last 7 students did not contact us to tell us of the results of their interviews unfortunately, but we think they were also successful in obtaining their U.S. citizenship.

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