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Noah's Ark Homeless Shelter

The grant was used to provide 10,000 bed nights to over 500 individuals during the year equals $2.00 per person per night. Our overall costs are about $11.00 per person per night including utilities and transportation, meals, hygiene, showers, laundry, case management along with an important sense of community. The work of Noah's Ark Homeless Shelter is made possible by many donations of money, goods and services as well as the work of volunteers. All of the chores and most of the building repairs and improvements are performed by resident volunteers. Thank you for your participation in providing a place of safety for some of our county's most vulnerable people.

The purpose of our proposal was to cover some of the cost of operations. We were able to cover the majority of these operational expenses with the grant. We were able to provide basic needs for the homeless in the mid Valley for another year. We were able to pick up supplies in Yakima and transport clients to and from appointments in Toppenish and Yakima. We were also available to pick up our clients from hospitals after bus service hours on multiple occasions.

Our Case Manager was able to procure needed services for many and housing for a few, Besides the ongoing treatment plans for each resident, the Case Manager also works with day visitors who come in for shelter, meals and other services. Without covering our operational expenses this would not be possible.  On hot days of summer many homeless folk and neighbors without cooling systems were able to find refuge in Noah's Ark. It was the same picture on days and nights when the outside temperatures dropped to freezing.


Ed, a senior citizen, lost his room and was unable to rent. Discouraged, he was directed to Noah’s Ark Homeless shelter. Once he came to the shelter our Case Manager discovered that he was not able to pay rent. Nor was he collecting his Social Security.  She helped him get his Social Security and a bank for automatic deposit. She walked him through the application processes and procured a studio apartment in Yakima as soon as his first check came through. He is still paying his rent and purchasing his own food as of November 2015.

Aaron who is in his mid-thirties came to us after finishing a job and not finding another one. He had spent months following leads to no avail. He spent a month and a half with us before finding a job. The work was outdoors in the winter and he did not have proper clothing and boots. We were able to loan him the money for winter clothes, boots and rain gear from our small revolving loan fund. He just finished his first week in the mountains. The crew is off for snow and Thanksgiving Holiday. He is a hard worker and looking forward to getting back to the hard work he found. He expects to repay his loan and make a rental deposit with his first paycheck.

Ann came to Noah’s Ark Homeless Shelter after several years of being homeless in another state. She celebrated her 7oth birthday at Noah’s Ark. She was very industrious at the shelter. She helped organize chore teams to complete much of the routine and special cleaning tasks required to keep the Ark clean. After repeated attempts to qualify for affordable housing with easy access, we were able to loan her the background check fee, first month’s rent and security deposit so she could move into a comfortable senior housing apartment in Yakima. She has come back occasionally to help around the Ark.  She says she misses the community but likes having her own space. She would have stayed stuck, never coming up with the deposits and fees without Noah’s Ark Homeless Shelter here to help.

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