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Making a Difference and Taking Civic Pride in our Toppenish Community





 In Toppenish, CSN has been a part of the Bi-annual Graffiti Paint Outs since 2009 and the Community Clean Up since 2010, our goals were to increase the amount of volunteers by 50%, in 2014 the combined total was 155 volunteers, in 2015 the combined total was 285 volunteers a total volunteer increase of 83%.  

The second part was to increase the number of sponsors or community partners to help with transportation, food and equipment.  Partners now include the Central Regional Washington Ecology and the Yakama Nation Solid Waste and Washington Beef employees and we will be participating in a Recycling and a Don't Litter campaign.  In the future we will be receiving more safety and recycling equipment, a local church has donated a bus to CSN to help with our transportation needs & a local beef processing company will be providing the hamburgers &hotdogs for lunches.

Grant Training was provided at our 2014 Retreat, a Grant Writer helped CSN with the 2015 Drug Free Communities Grant, and we have Board Officer Training scheduled for our 2015 CSN Retreat. Program Implementation includes, a laptop for the treasurer to keep good financial records and the neat desktop scanner to help the secretary in the filing and record keeping.  We hired a
computer tech to help with the CSN website, and we added several pages and links but the website is not up and running because of sponsor and technical issues. We did not hire a facilitator to help with our financial or strategic planning, it was because the secretary had 4 deaths in her family since August 2015.

This was the first year of our "Get Out & Vote" campaign, working with past CSN Student Representative who are now university students, working on the "Under 30" age group.  We attended university events and set up a table to hand out information on voting, especially online voting, & received new voter registration forms and turned them in the county auditor’s office CSN helped with the first Toppenish Community Suicide Prevention Training & we are planning part 2 of the Suicide Prevention Training for Youth & Families. We worked with the Yakima County Block Watch program in helping the White Swan Community start up a Block Watch program in their community The CSN - Toppenish Community Directory has been started, and will continue to be a work in progress as a document that the Board Members can use and update as we work with more partners in the community All the flyers we send out are in English and Spanish, on an average we sent 5 flyers per month, they are CSN and Community flyers.  CSN also translated our Mission Statement in English, Spanish and Sahaptin (Yakama Nation language).

CSN Office Space is located in the Toppenish School District Administration Office, and we pay $50 a month in rent.  We supplied the office with new furniture, office equipment, supplies and decorations.



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