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The purpose of Integrated Behavioral Health (IBH) was to effectively integrate behavioral health with medical care in a primary care setting. The overarching goal was to holistically treat children and their families in our community by looking at medical, mental, and social health together. CF&CS sought financial support to extend the operation of the IBH program, because although integrated behavioral health care is a best practice in the delivery of health and mental health services, funding through the health care system was not yet available to support its continuation. CF&CS requested grant assistance from the Yakima Valley Community Foundation to keep this program operational in 2014-2015.

This grant funding extended the operation of our program in the community for an additional seven months During this period of time, the Behavioral Health Consultant was able to provide mental health services to over 300 children families in need within the pediatric care clinic.

Here’s a moving video about how Catholic Family and Child Service makes a difference for Brandon and his family.

You can learn more about Catholic Family Child Services on their website.


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