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The grant award was used to support the reduced cost of tickets and provide transportation subsidy opportunities to schools that would not otherwise been able to attend the programming provided for young people in the Capitol Theatre's Capitol Kids series.  All events in the three-part performance series came off as contracted and were successful presentations. Expenses were all in the same category and quantity as projected. The YVCF funding was matched by another support and $5,265 of support was provided in ticket support to schools in Yakima and the greater service area. $2,500 of ticket discounts were used by the Yakima School District. $550 in free tickets were provided to Harrah Elementary first-graders. Additional support was provided to McClure Elementary kindergarten and Special Classes with complimentary tickets also supporting participation from Ellensburg Junior High.

Funds from the Community Foundation were specifically intended to support ticket and transportation subsidies. In the 2014-15 Capitol Kids series there were no requests for transportation subsidies, so the full support was used to provide reduced price or complimentary tickets to schools and students that needed assistance. Yakima School District committed to bringing all of their 3rd and 5th grade students to events in the season. To support their commitment to providing the greatest possible access to their students, all of their tickets were discounted by one dollar.

The overall popularity of the series is encouraging an expansion of offerings for future seasons. The 2015-16 series has more than double the number of performances as the 2014-15 season.  In addition, the CTC is in conversation with the Yakima School District to create a cross-curricular model for presenting international artists that represent cultures being studied in the middle school curriculum in the 2016-17 season.

You can learn more about the Capitol Theatre on their website.

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