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The Future of Regional and Toppenish Hospitals

Regional and Toppenish Hospitals to be acquired by Sunnyside Community Hospital and Clinics.

In support of a values-based approach

When the Sisters of Providence sold the Regional and Toppenish Hospitals to a for-profit entity, the Foundation was created to ensure continued quality and accessibility to affordable health care services to all members of the community. Caring for our community, and everyone who lives in it, is why we exist.

As part of our creation, we were given an unusual obligation, which includes a “Right of First Refusal” should the hospitals ever be sold. On March 16th, the Foundation was asked to exercise or waive that right.

A Request for Declaratory Judgment
On April 29th, the Board of the Yakima Valley Community Foundation requested a Declaratory Judgment in Superior Court in Yakima to clarify the validity and scope of that notice. 

We view it as our role to convene the community in the search for a resolution that reflects the delivery of health care we value in the Valley. To ensure that happens, we laid out what we view as the key obligations a future owner would ideally fulfill in the Guiding Values for Health Care in the Valley, which you can read here. Those values include:

  • Access
  • Quality
  • Equity
  • Workforce quality & continuity
  • Sustainability
  • Community voice

The Foundation is not, nor does it want to be, an owner or operator of hospitals. Significant institutions and hundreds of people in the community work hard every day to bring quality health care to all in the Valley.

In asking the Superior Court to issue a judgment that will create an opportunity for an appropriate buyer to be identified—a buyer who will take a values-based approach to caring for the residents of Yakima Valley—we do so committed to a robust and thoughtful process with the community.

As the process evolves, we will update this page. If you have questions, please email info@yakimavalleycf.org


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