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Our Investment System

We take managing your philanthropic investments very seriously.

The Investment Committee implements and supervises the Investment Policy Statement with assistance from Arnerich Messina, a registered invested adviser. This structure diversifies at two levels, between asset categories and because of direct selection of top investment managers in each asset class, within asset categories. The Foundations' Investment Policy Statement is available upon request.

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All Funds are invested within a single pool whose broad diversification, reduces risk, lowers investment fees and maximizes returns. Opportunities exist at the Foundation for investing outside the pool for funds in excess of $1,000,000, subject to the Investment Policy Statement.

Scale Up
Our model improves the overall diversification and cost structure of our communities pooled assets, bringing objective, expert guidance to the complex challenge of managing a large pool of funds with a total rate of return objective. The Investment Committee, not the investment consultant, selects the "best in class" investment managers who implement the asset allocation strategy.

Local, Independent and Transparent
Investment fees and costs charged to Funds are competitive, explicit and transparent. We seek truly independent advice and insist on straight forward fee structures. No member of the Investment Committee may have a business relationship with any firm providing investment services to the Foundation. The Investment Consultant may not directly or indirectly own securities in the Pool, receive fees, "trailing fees," 12-b1 distribution fees or be involved in "soft money" transactions with any Investment Manager.

Online “banking” allows a fund holder to access their account balance or make grants 24/7, MyYVCF. The Community Foundation's independent auditor, Clark Nuber, prepares an annual audit each year.

Low Investment Fees
Investment costs charged to Funds are explicit and transparent to fund holders. Actual investment fees are passed-through, without mark up and charged to all funds in the common investment pool on a pro-rata basis.

The Investment Consultant Fee is paid by the Foundation on the total value of the pooled assets of the Foundation, quarterly, and prorated among the Funds. The rate of the fee falls, downward, in relation to the increase in size of the Foundations’ Portfolio.

  •  First 25 million          00.175%
  •  Next 25 million         00.15%
  •  Next 25 million         00.10%
  • Thereafter                  00.05%

Supporting the Foundation
To fund the costs of its philanthropic and investment services to the community the Yakima Valley Community Foundation established an Administrative Fee Schedule that is calculated daily and charged quarterly based on a fund’s average market value according to fund type and amount. When we discuss your fund, we will provide you with the precise investment and administrative fee your fund would incur.



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