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For Grant Applicants

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation is uniquely positioned to meet its obligation to work towards a better future for all with investments through grants in our community.

Making a Difference

We look to the community to see if our grant investments make a difference. If those investments produce widely shared and lasting results on issues of significance to the Yakima Valley, we know we are on the right path. We add value in those investment decisions by selecting effective grantees, aggregating resources and nurturing a relationship of common purpose through community engagement.


The grant selection process for each of the four grant programs allows us to support some of the most effective and innovative organizations working in our region. Each granting strategy, Annual, Sponsorship and Strategic Grants serves a different need and has a different process. Explore each program for the right grant opportunity for your organization.


Knowledge of our community and skill at partnering with grantees allows us to attract other funding by aggregating philanthropic capital, increasing knowledge of best practices and creating co-funding strategies that alter the resource landscape in the Valley.


Engagement creates a relationship of common purpose that extends the reach of philanthropic capital. Through learning communities, technical support and simply walking the path with our grantees the human capital brought to bare on community priorities grows. Engagement produces better results and improves the social productivity of philanthropic investment in our community. We believe it is people not just financial resources that make a difference.

Annual Grants

The Annual grant program is meant to be flexible to respond to the needs of the community funding between $0-$25,000. The areas of funding are basic needs, arts & culture, education, health & wellness, civic vitality, and the environment.

Sponsorship Grants

Sponsorships are designed for organizational events or projects. The maximum amount of a Sponsorship is $2,500. Sponsorship applications must be received 60 days prior to your event. Sponsorships are available year round subject to funding availability.

Strategic Grants

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation makes long-term strategic investments in organizations and projects working specifically to improve education, civic engagement and health and wellness in Yakima County. These strategic investments are designed to produce long term, significant impact. 


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