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Strategic Granting Guidelines and Objectives

The Foundation has a strategic focus in education, health and wellness and civic engagement. Strategic grants strengthen the capacity of our Valley to work collaboratively to achieve long-term, sustainable results. We encourage collaborations in evidence based programs, projects or models that produce measurable outcomes and systems level improvements.

Note: The Strategic Grant Cycle is now closed.

For the 2017 Strategic Grant Round we are seeking proposals in Health and Wellness and Civic Engagement, with a keen interest in the following:

  • ACEs: Single, in combination, or all five protective factors.
  • Housing: Stable housing as a social determinant that improves health outcomes. 
  • Civic Engagement:  Community conversation and dialogue, voter education, parent engagement, and other community cohesion efforts.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are core values and are reviewed within the context of each proposal. Collaboration is encouraged.

Applicants must either be a 501 (c) 3 organization, school or governmental entity or tribe or they must have a fiscal sponsor that qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code.  If the organization is a current grant recipient an Interim Grant Report is required before applying for a Strategic Grant.

The Foundation looks to the grantees to design a proposal for impact. We are open to multi-year granting and will consider funding in amounts greater than $25,000 but typically will not fund more than $50,000 per year.

Please prepare answers to the following questions for your proposal.

Part 1: Alignment
How does your project align with the Foundation's Strategic Framework?
How does your project help you meet your Organization's mission and goals?
What population, sectors, or groups of people will your project serve?
How will your project promote equity?

Part 2: Purpose, Measures, and Anticipated Outcomes
What is the purpose of your program or project?
What would you like to accomplish through the program or project?
What service gap are you filling through this program or project?
What are the likely challenges of this project? How will you overcome or meet these?      
How will your program or project involve parents?
What are the anticipated outcomes of your program or project? How will these be measured?

Part 3: Sustainability, Partnerships, and Collaborations
If this is an ongoing program or project, how will future funding be secured?
If other funding is required to proceed with this program or project, what is the plan to secure full funding?
What partnerships will be included in this project and how will they contribute?
What networks will collaborate with you on this project and how?

Part 4: Budget
In addition to submitting a project or program budget answer the following
Is your organization positioned to make a difference on this issue?
Is the cost per participant known? If so, what is it?

Required Attachments
1. Program/Project Budget
2. Board of Director Roster (Name, Title, Board Role)
3. Your Organization's last Quarter 2016 Financial Statement

You may also find it helpful to review the Frequently Asked Questions.

Proposals for work in Education in 2017, will follow an invitational Request for Proposal process. 

Our education strategy blends activities across the educational continuum with the ultimate goal of increasing post-secondary attainment. In 2017 our investments will be highly focused on early learning systems, activities and advocacy. We believe in partnering with collaborations such as the Investing in Children Coalition in their work in early childhood education along with other collaborative approaches to education. We also support specific strategies – equity, family engagement, school attendance and community involvement that cut across the educational continuum. 

If you would like additional information on the RFP Process, please contact grants@yakimavalleycf.org.


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