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Jewett Youth Leadership Council Grants

The Jewett Youth Leadership Council (JYLC) is a diverse, youth-driven group passionate about their community and creating a positive impact.

For 2019, the JYLC is seeking applications for programs that promote equity in the communities they serve across Yakima County in the following areas:

Basic Needs
Safe and Stable Neighborhoods

  • Lighting
  • Recreational Space
  • Benches/Picnic Tables
  • Landscaping

Safe and Stable Housing

  • Energy and Weatherization Assistance
  • Tenant Support
  • Dispute Resolution

Health & Wellness
Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs):

  • Prevention
  • Awareness
  • Access to Treatment

Improving Direct Access to:

  • Primary Health
  • Mental Health
  • Nutrition Services

Programs Focused on:

  • Racial Equity and Diversity
  • Financial Literacy
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Citizenship Education
  • Get Out the Vote Campaigns

More information can be found on our Guidelines and Applications page.

The 2019 JYLC Grants Cycle is now closed.

Organizations may only apply to one of the currently open grant opportunities. Please review the guidelines carefully for each: Kittitas Strategic, Annual, and Jewett Youth Leadership Council.  If you have questions about which opportunity is the best fit for your project, please contact us at grants@yakimavalleycf.org or 509-457-7616.

Projects must serve Yakima County or the Yakama Nation.  Applicants must either be a 501(c) organization, school or government entity or tribe, or they must have a fiscal sponsor that qualifies as a tax-exempt organization under the Internal Revenue Code.  If the organization is a current grant recipient, an Interim Grant Report is required before applying for the Jewett Youth Leadership Council Grant.

Amount and Duration
Organizations may apply for up to $25,000 for one year of funding.

Proposal Instructions
NOTE: the online application system does not allow you to save your work. There is a 4,000 character limit per question. The questions are provided below so that you can prepare your application in advance of the online application opening.

Please provide up to a three sentence summary of your project and proposed use of grant funds.

Why should your organization receive the grant?

Who will benefit from receiving the funds?
How does your organization’s board of directors reflect the community this project serves (or will serve)?

Please describe how you will use the grant funds.

How do you know the people you are serving are getting the best possible services? How do you gain feedback from them?
What do you believe is the perception in the community about your organization?

Love and Appreciation
What does your organization appreciate most about communities in the Yakima Valley?
What changes would your organization like to see in communities in the Yakima Valley?
How does your organization show love for communities in Yakima Valley?

Required Attachments
1. Program/Project Budget
2. Board of Director Roster (Name, Title, Board Role, OPTIONAL INFO: Ethnicity/Race, Gender)
3. Your Organization's last Quarter 2018 Financial Statement or most recent audited financial statement.
4. W-9


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