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Grant Reporting

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation utilizes reports from Grantees as a way to capture the accomplishments, highlights, and areas of improvement for monies awarded in the grant cycle.

YVCF values the importance of the work that is funded through the grant cycles and a report for YVCF Board of Directors, donors, and other funders is compiled to include grantee accomplishments. The report type that is required to be submitted depends more on the original grant than the amount of monies awarded. This is because YVCF funds both technical and adaptive solutions to community and social problems.  If you are unsure about which report to submit, contact grants@yakimavalleycf.org

We look forward to reading about your Organization's results, accomplishments and challenges and we will have highlights of your work shared through our social media and placed on our website in the Stories of Progress. We encourage you to enroll in our non-profit catalogue so that we can connect your organization with other funding opportunities as they develop from time to time.

Report Types

Annual Report

The Annual Report is for organizations who were awarded an annual grant for an on-going program or single project. It is also typically requested from organizations that applied the adaptive solutions within their program or project. Access the report here.

  • State how the grant award was expended. Were there any delays in expenditures? Were the monies expended exactly as outlined in the grant proposal?
  • Describe what this grant accomplished. Did your organization accomplish what was outlined in the original grant proposal? Was the grant proposal partially accomplished? If the monies did not accomplish the original intent of the grant state reasons why.
  • Rate how well your organization met the grant goal. 5- Exceeded Stated Goals, 4- Met stated goals, 3-Met some goals and missed others, 2-Didn't meet most goals and 1- Unable to meet any goals.
  • Describe how this work will be sustained into the future and how that will happen.
  • List organizations you partnered with (if any) that helped implement this grant and describe their contributions (in kind, facility use, email distribution, etc).
  • How else can YVCF help? What are other ways YVCF can assist you in leveraging the work that you do or accomplished in the 2017 grant cycle? Things to consider (social media, sharing of your information to our networks, convening on a specific issue, coordinating resources, etc.).

Strategic Grant Report

The Strategic Grant Report is for organizations that have partnered with YVCF for a long-term program or project aligned closely with the Foundation's Strategic Framework. We requested annual reporting throughout the duration of the grant award period. Access the report here.

Interim Grant Report

The Interim Grant Report is for all organizations that are applying in an open grant cycle while they have a current grant with the Foundation. Access the report here.

  • Financial Status of the Award/ Project. Met: Expended all grant monies. In Progress: Will expend all monies.Return of Funds: Expect to return unspent monies.
  • Current Status of Award/ Project. 5- Exceeded Stated Goals, 4- Met stated goals, 3-Met some goals and missed others, 2-Didn't meet most goals and 1- Unable to meet any goals
  • Highlights and Accomplishments. YVCF makes regular reports to its Board on the accomplishments and highlights of the organizations it grants to. Please share one such highlight you are ready to share at this time about the 2017 Grant Award.


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