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Organizational Funds

We can manage your money, so you can focus on your mission.

Educational institutions and non-profit organizations partner with us to establish "Organizational Funds". Sometimes referred to as Agency Funds, these funds are often, but not always, endowments.

Unlike other funds where the value the Foundation provides is investment management and philanthropic administrative and strategic assistance, our Organizational Fund holders know their mission. They recognize that every dollar earned through investment is one less dollar they must generate in fundraising. They rely on us to produce competitive returns at reasonable cost and help shoulder the fiduciary burden of demonstrating the required level of prudence in the increasingly complex world of investment management.

As nonprofit board and investment committee members soberly confront the implications of volunteering to assume fiduciary and legal responsibility for prudently managing and protecting the interests of their organizations' investments (UPIA and UPMIFA) they are increasingly turning to the Yakima Valley Community Foundation to help carry that weight. Often these fiduciaries are expected to facilitate a professional standard of care that greatly exceeds the average person's knowledge and experience. They likely know and love their organization’s mission, and simply aren’t able to demonstrate a required level of prudence by fully documenting adherence to all applicable fiduciary standards of care exposes them to personal liability. These organizations turn to the Yakima Valley Community Foundation as co-fiduciaries to create competitive returns, at a reasonable cost. It’s what we call a win-win.

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