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How to Get Your Fund Started

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation offers a wide variety of fund options to help you meet your philanthropic goals, while responding to community needs.

From donor-advised funds, which allow you to engage in active grant-making, to the Founders Fund, which contribute to the Foundation’s Responsive Grantmaking Program, our funds allow you to select the manner in which you want to invest in our community.

Donor-Advised Fund

Donor-advised funds are charitable funds for donors seeking active involvement in grantmaking. Donors – and their children, if desired – advise or recommend grants from their fund to further their philanthropic goals. Donors can learn about community needs from the foundation’s donor-focused educational seminars and information, and work with foundation staff to create a lasting, impactful philanthropic legacy.

If you have an existing Donor-Advised Fund with a for-profit organization or bank, you can bring it home to the Yakima Valley Community Foundation. We offer HIGHLY competitive returns and fees and anonymity, if desired, for your grant making. You also get the peace of mind of knowing you’re investing in the most effective and innovative organizations working on the causes you care about most in the Yakima Valley.

Priority Area Funds

The Foundation has created special funds designed to address the community’s priority areas. Donors are invited to participate with the Yakima Valley Community Foundation on major initiatives, such as improving public education.

Field-of-Interest Funds

Donors who select these funds are able to benefit specific grant making in a broad area of their choosing, such as intergenerational poverty, education or the arts. It could also benefit a geographic area or neighborhood. By naming a broad area, rather than a specific organization, flexibility exists to meet the ever-changing needs within the area of your philanthropic investment.

Scholarship Funds

Scholarship funds support those who want to pursue education, whether they’re high school graduates pursuing a college degree or nontraditional students who are returning to the work force. Donors work with foundation staff to craft and oversee the guidelines for scholarship administration in which the donor crafts the on-going role they would like to play.

Designated Funds

Oftentimes, donors wish to support a specific nonprofit organization. Once established, grants are made annually to the organization(s). Foundation staff monitor the organization to honor your philanthropic investment. With a designated fund at the Yakima Valley Community Foundation, you receive professional management and grant monitoring.

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