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Clarifying and implementing the legal, financial and tax requirements with the charitable interests of your clients is a sacred trust. We are here to help.

We bring to this task a unique perspective. Your clients give through us, not just to us. The Yakima Valley Community Foundation connects people who care about our valley with the people and nonprofits who produce the results your clients expect with their charitable investments.

Through a wide variety of tax-advantaged flexible gifting mechanisms we assist your clients to Give, Grow and Grant their charitable investments. Our mission is to grow and expand charitable investment in the non-profit, educational and civic organizations in the Yakima Valley. If one of the options at the Yakima Valley Community Foundation is the "right fit" for your client, we can assist in the implementation. If you or your client is searching for strategic philanthropic assistance on where and how to place the charitable gift to achieve maximum impact, we are happy to offer our knowledge on local issues, organizations and need.

Our Planned Giving Tools, or one of our Charitable Accounts, are often helpful in structuring the legal, financial and tax requirements necessary to meet your clients’ unique goals.

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation is professionally managed and audited annually. Pooled investment offers an integrated portfolio strategically and independently structured to grow, manage volatility, and improve performance with lower and fully transparent fees. And we understand your client requires more than secure investment management. They want results from their philanthropy.

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation knows local issues and works with some of the most effective organizations in the Valley. We offer that knowledge, and specific charitable research, to assist your client in making informed decisions about their charitable investments.

We value the insight and expertise you offer when developing a plan that meets the financial and charitable requirements of your client. We are here to assist you in doing what is best for your clients. This could include:

  • Providing an informational presentation.
  • Providing materials that help you to make decisions about the types of funds available to your client.
  • Offering planned giving choices to help your clients have a lasting impact beyond their lifetime.
  • Offering insight into existing or emerging needs in our community, as well as the resources currently available to respond.
  • Keeping you abreast of the latest philanthropic developments and issues occurring locally and throughout the U.S.
  • Assisting your corporate clients with establishing a philanthropic program ranging from annual giving guidelines to volunteering and pro bono service, as well as employee participation and even gift matching.
  • Assisting your non profit clients with a range of services to meet their needs from establishing an endowment fund to build future sustainability to providing back-office and fundraising support.

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