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About the Foundation

Our Commitment to the Yakima Valley

To Donors, Grantees, Partners and Friends,

The Yakima Valley Community Foundation starts with a vision. We believe that people in our Valley should have equitable access to opportunity. Admittedly, it is an ambitious idea - one that will demand time, money and dedication to achieve. But we know that when people of good will join together, they can accomplish big things. We also believe the community foundation is in a unique position to help realize this vision. That’s because it works every day to transform big ideas into actionable, manageable programs that improve lives and enliven communities. 

The Foundation is focused in three areas: we want to promote quality education, healthy living and civic vitality. Better outcomes in these three areas will translate into improved opportunities for the people who live here - people of all ages, ethnicities and income levels. We will give special attention to those who are frequently left out and left behind. 

“Moving the dial” in education, healthy living and civic vitality will not be easy. Our complex world doesn’t lend itself to simple problem solving. To begin, people don’t always agree on why disparities and poverty occur in our communities. As one colleague explained, “problems can be wicked.” When people don’t understand or agree on why bad things happen, it’s hard to know what to do about them. In this environment, success is elusive and progress takes time. Developing shared understanding and community will is the first step to making smart grants.

We also believe it is the Foundation’s job to take the long view. We want to hear multiple viewpoints and partner with other stakeholders and experts to define challenges and craft solutions. We subscribe to the view that data is essential and that rigorous evaluation and accountability is part of our work. We also believe we should take calculated risks and experiment with innovative programs. We know our actions will not always produce the results we had hoped for, but we commit to learn and improve as we go.

At the Foundation, we believe we can find solutions to tough challenges. It won’t be easy. It will take the tenacity, innovation and grit of people in the Valley working together on issues we all care about. We stand ready to help!

Thank you again for all you are doing to make the Yakima Valley a better place for everyone. We look forward to continuing our good work together.


David Abeyta, Chair of the Board

Sharon Miracle, CEO|President


111 University Parkway, Suite 102
Yakima, WA 98901


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